released November 19, 2010

Produced by Jim Bryson
Recorded and Engineered by Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn Studios in Ottawa, May 2010
Mastered by Ryan Morey at RyeBread Mastering in Montreal

Tanya - guitars, bass, banjo, words, vocals
Jim - guitars, bass, banjo, harmonica, hammond, optigan, piano, shakers, background vocals
Peter Von Althen - drums and percussion
Brian Sanderson - sousaphone, trombone, Eflat horn
Dave Draves - percussion, schoenbut, background vocals
Tim Crabtree - background vocals, piano
Sarah Hallman - background vocals


all rights reserved



Tanya Davis Montreal, Québec

Tanya Davis is a poet writer artist type living in Montréal. She puts words at the centre of her work, be it music or performance, and is ever exploring new artistic ideas and projects. She writes monologue and theatre, takes commissions, and gives poetic speeches sometimes, too. She is currently studying french, teaching herself the drums, and writing a book about union. ... more

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Track Name: Please Bless
I went to bed in my nightdress
dressed just right for prayers of righteousness
had my hands clasped tight for this
and i did pray, i did pray

first the required content
the poor, the sick, and the haunted
finish with the things that i wanted
so as not to be bold, not to be bold

i went to camp for the horses
or the food, the fires, rejoices
not the girls or the guys but the voices
held up my palms, held out my palms

i went to bat for the good son, ran the bases just for the right one
grace comes only when life is done
so put down you head, put down your head

my knees, my hands, my chest
for guilt for love i beg please bless
i say my prayers i genuflect
and if i do it right will you let me in

my deeds, my hands, this mess
in guilt we silence our questions
i say my prayers nevertheless
did I do it right, don't you leave me yet
Track Name: Mourn Your Losses
mark it with a cross, place upon it a stone
for all the loves you lost, the ones who let you go
and you could take a walk there, you could weep and moan
for the buried bones
you're never gonna hold

pick a pretty spot you might want to come there often
high on a cliff top where there are waves for watching
and if the spirits talk there is wind as haunting
as their voices calling

for love that has died
for love that you tried
love is denied and you don't know why
oh oh oh

pick a daisy chain and throw the petals in the air
feel the pain again and be grateful it is there
name the names that made you know your heart is something that you share

and every fine tear
all the sadness you wear
all the breakups you bear
brought you to here oh oh oh
Track Name: Tra-La-La
When I was just a little girl
I learned what I could do with words
And when I became a teenager
I learned that love was a strong word
And when I got into my twenties
How I longed to touch the world
But I had learned some about loving
For instance you can’t just throw around the word

Now when I find myself falling in
I am also overalanyzing
And the things the world has trained me in
Includes holding your words in
So I'm studying the dots on your skiin
Silently I tell them
Words too little words too big
Words try to interpret things

And if I scare you off with language from my thoughts
How about instead I say

When I out my hands upon you
Do you understand the language they use
And when my eyes you are looking into
Do you see an alphabet unscrambling for you
So why then must I bide my time
My words wait till it is safe and smooth
And if I talk in nonsense meanwhile
Do you still here what is coming thru

Di di di di di di di di di di da
Da da da d ad ad ad ad a da do
Do do do do do do do do do di
Di di di di di i love you
Da da da da da da

And if I scare you off with language from my thoughts
How about instead I say
Track Name: Eulogy for You and Me
The clock is gonna turn back soon the season is already changing
we said goodbye for the final time and my rom needs rearranging
the sidewalk is full of people and leaves and we're all turning colors
i want more radiance and less green this season is my perfect lover
long nights for more dreaming short days to fill real and fast
sweaters for my heart's safe-keeping, for my soul's heating, through the cold of winter to last

the clock is gonna turn back soon i've an eye upon its fixtures
the wall waits patiently for the sun's first rays and the day no one's there to witness
we gave it a good go no i guess we can't exist in this
so i'm gonna celebrate this new year with all the good witches
little chocolate bars are for little kids
i want a cauldron and the nourishment that comes with it
this broke me down, no i am not fixed yet
i broke myself open for this made a space that you could fit in
clocks and hearts and time keep going but we didn't

the clock tick tocks and i walk alone like i am used to
i wanted to call your bones home but i didn't get to
your shoulder a stop over and i guess i had to
i was lonely from no love and you showed me what it could do
you showed me what i would do when i had some but it is not to be with you
and i've been sad enough and i've been mad some but what good does that do
the leaves are not upset that they're leaving their branches
things change time passes death happens

and what happened surely changed me
and the hereafter is full of sadness that is raw and oh so sweet
because every time a cold heart thaws it sends a river of tears to nourish the ground
on the way to the sea
i bow my head to praise and remember this
look up again to greet my days
this is a eulogy for you and me i won't forget
but will let go of this just the same
Track Name: Sad Secret
we have a sad secret
we're keeping it quiet
we'll keep it inside us
just for awhile, just for awhile

but if people took notice
do you think they could feel it
could they see us weeping
behind our eyes, behind our eyes

and how will we know love
when to let go of
what we have a hold of
and what the last straw, the last hoorah

every rehearsal
a little more painful
i am both empty and full all at once
all for us

no matter the romance
no matter our best laid plans
no matter our hearts in our hands for to take
for still they will break

and every ending is like a little death and i can see what's up ahead
yes, we are dying
and if we lay this to rest will we get in sync our timing
and if we go at different times
who will get the good goodbye
will it be sunset or sunrise
Track Name: Don't Bury Me
I don't want you to bury me
Please say that you won't
even though that makes you sad

Spread my ashes, don't bury me
Throw me to the wind
that's where i want to be

Cars in a solemn line down a long dirt road
let the trees see you cry then let me go

And i don't mind if you pray for me
to whomever you like
whatever deity

But don't take me to a funeral parlour
I do not like the atmosphere
wouldn't want to say goodbye there

Play, sing sad songs on weeping strings
gather up at my house, take all my things
send me off with a mighty feast
And remember, don't bury me

I don't want you to bury me
Please say that you won't
'cause that would make me sad
Track Name: Hush, Little Weeper
you are too heavy, i cannot rock you
but if i could i would want to
but i cannot pick up myself
but if i could i would rock you 'till you were well

you seem rather fragile
i do not blame you
and if i could i would change you
you know that will take time
if i could i would rock you as it goes by

hush now, little weeper
you're taking it all on
and if i could i would turn it off
but with the tears relief
there goes the world down your cheeks
and if i could i would rock you as it leaves

there, there my sad soul
here, now my sorrow
i hope i do console you
i know you weep for me
you know i sing for thee
and if i could i would rock you to peace
if i could i would rock you for me
Track Name: One Room
I don't want to share and i don't wanna talk
i just want to drink this beer and think lots
people are glaring they are frowning on the sidewalks
why should i go out there and why not

the person who made me dinner called when it was done
i put my pen down and i came right along
i cheers and i tasted before i put the salt on
the food and conversation was worth coming to the table

i have never brought my neighbors a pie from my sill
if i am wary of strangers i keep to myself
'cause my sadness and anger are scared of everybody else
people holding up mirrors and showing me myself

please, won't you come in
even if tears are falling
i will dry them
i hope you don't mind them

one room in one house in one city in one province
in one country on one continent on one earth
one cell in one tissue of one organ of one system
in one body of one person in one world

one mood in one mind in one moment and i
could let go of it or hold it in despair
one dies where one goes, wonder where, no one knows
love me here, love me now, not once i'm better

i will go outside to see you i will come to the door to greet you
and i'm sorry if i didn't raise my eyes to meet you
i will lift up my head i will welcome you in
i am trying please, i beseech you
Track Name: Sweep the Dust
sweep the dust, sweep the dust, don't let it get to you
clean it up, clean it up, before you don't notice it anymore
say yes, say yes, to help when you need it
let friends, let friends carry burdens that don't burden them
save words, save words from the people who don't need to hear them
stay quiet, stay quiet... sometime

open up, open up the window
let the air, let the air, invigorate you
stand still, stand still, feel it
let tears drop, drop tears off, there are more behind them
find reasons, if you need them, they are, they are everywhere
keep sweeping, keep sweeping.. you'll get there
Track Name: Fauna
Of all the animals i might like to be tonight
i will choose the wolf who strays from the pack, alone on my own i've gotten good at
and if the moon you are crying to is not also out my window this is a story after all
but now as i look there it is in my view so i guess i will cry too for me and for you

howl it up, howl it up, howl it up

and then when howling is through i will choose another animal to compare myself to
i am like the lion i've always wanted to be, my mane is wild, does that not mean i am free
and if the plains yield me no gain i will walk on them in love with something just the same
and until my mate rises up from the grasses i'll not expect it to happen i will not wait

i'll roar it up, roar it up, roar it up

all of the trees i will climb all the field i will walk
will give me sure footing will welcome me as their fauna
and i will know the glory of weather, how could a story be better than this

If all the animals could come talk to me in secrecy please
and teach me the lessons you all had to learn in attempts to help me with this crazy world
i know that i am just one tiny human just trying to do things with my warm blood
but that's not enough, i don't know how to use it, where is my purpose, where is my love

cry it up, weep it up, live it up
cry it up, weep it up, live it up

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