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Gorgeous Morning

by Tanya Davis

Thesaurus 04:44
I've had this thesaurus for 10 years and i have borrowed its ideas to make mine clear the dictionaries are on the shelf you can use them to figure me out Seemingly I do not fit the description listed be it poet, cheater, straight girl or crooked the labels are on the boxes you can use them, they are safe and monotonous Somebody planted a bible in my bedside table it is for them a truth and for me a fable says Moses parted the waters I'd rather stay in and swim with the dolphins And i read the old book of rules says I'm doing it all wrong so I change pages into tissues wipe my tears off And all the things you hope I will be they're not for me, no they're not all for me and you could save yourself the disappointment, please Somebody posted a checklist, but I didn't read it because the ink was seeping into the tree beneath it ink is to run until it is to dry and the rain will clean it and those lists you wrote, they will have no meaning, no.
Gorgeous Morning some of the people thought that I was crazy for leaving all that but they didn't see me at seven in the morning in the months before i left within a few minutes of opening my eyes there was the dread of the day sitting by my bed waiting for me to rise and pretend like everything was okay and it makes for bad digestion when you are crying onto your toast and if that's how breakfast goes you know you're in for it but i had no intentions then, go to work and come back home my feet heavy and slow every minute of it i could be a person climbing up the ladder and checking the right boxes moving through the brackets higher and higher with more gains than losses and i could have a cottage in a pretty spot and make it there twice a year all the other months in the city with my job and my money and my tears the glory of the morning did fade and dim where once it was my best love and i was so grateful for it but those days working with no passion did change all of this and it wasn't worth the happy breakfasts that i missed so on one gorgeous morning i told them i was leaving and it was so relieving to say it out and i worked hard all afternoon and the weeks before the leaving until finally one evening was my last walk out
Trusty Umbrella you are the clouds rolling in on my picnic you are the rain on my parade good thing i brought with me my trusty umbrella and revelers with just as much faith you call and cancel the party so i draw a map to a secret spot you said nobody is coming i said you're wrong and i think that things have a way of unfolding there will be a scintillating side and i will bring this idealist to your doorstep and the sun will shine
Art 02:52
art I wondered what would be the worth of my words in the world if i write them and then recite them are they worth being heard just because i like them does that mean i should mic them and see what might unfurl i think of the significance of my opinions here is it significant to be giving them does anybody care just because i'm into this does that mean i should live like it and really do i dare art, art i want you art you make it pretty hard not too and my heart is trying hard here to follow you but i can't always tell if i ought to so i pondered the point of my art in this life if i make it will someone take it and think it's genuine will they be glad that i did 'cause they got something good out of it will they leave me and be any more inspired i question the outcome of the outpouring of myself if i tell everyone my stories will this keep me healthy and well will it give me purpose, to this world some sort of service is it worth it, how can i tell art, art...
i do not mean to write a sad lament you haven't even broken my heart yet but you might i anticipate the pain but stay in spite the lion likes the fire, that's the truth you're a high, wild river and i'm shy of you still i sit and preen where you can see me i never did hide very easy you said yes then no then yes then no then yes i said ok, i'll take what i can get i built a raft so that i could guide myself our erratic waters, i would go by myself but i am a dreadful carpenter and it is breaking down i have a tender heart in there afraid to drown all the fragile people going through the motions what else should we do what else should i do be as inconclusive as you need and you and me will do this fancy free the river runs and you will not tame it hearts break, just face it
Baby Lion 03:00
Baby lion henry's dead you laid him in his resting bed you dug a grave i won't ever forget this mother has been crying since you broke the news of my baby lion you broke the distance with your good timing and he loved you just like i do little body that you found said you thought of me when you laid him down and now you and henry in my memory will be, will be on our busy corner black kittens and friendships flourished and we said how could we want more than this a trip to the big city had me and you drifting and i wanted to fix things but i didn't know how trip to the country to save my soul and i when i come home you came right over oh my tender heart for your precious part and your shoulder if my little love was to leave then at least he lived here happy and if we were to grow distant, bee, than at least he brought you back to me
Fortress 03:07
fortress i built myself up, a tower of nonchalance for hours and art and self love i sat in and wrote songs then i let down my drawbridge when i saw intrigue i said "come on in" she ransacked my palace, ate my food and was gone again so i built me an army of words and of chaste conviction it guarded my heart while it strengthened my mission and i rearranged my fortress made love stay out on the porches and got back to the task of unravelling truth from fiction every little brick that i use to build this castle with is gold and black and it attracts the warmth of the sun and so every ray that hits as i stay here inside of it brings me more heat than could be surpassed my anyone all of the knights who promise poems, romance and chivalry and all of the princesses who say they may fall in love with me can ride in on gallant horses my trumpets still will blast their choruses and i will give them my heart but for myself save more of it
Firebug 04:14
Firebug did you lay your light on the grass, did you just lay down to rest are you having a festival, i've never seen so many of you, such sweetness firebug, lightning fly i went walking down a tunnel dirt road my friend swung on a tree swing, so high he rose we climbed upon a woodpile and imagined good photos party people were drunk and stoned it was a special evening so i was both we were on our way home, i broke open on the road some hope was saved 'cause you shone firebug, lightning fly you and the crickets, i watched and i listened and i didn't want to go to bed, didn't want to go to bed those summer visions put my heart back in it and i hope i can remember this, hope i can remember it so i made a vow in the field, your electric serenade as eclectic beauty revealed in the grass and on the stage i signed a new deal with the light of my life while behind sweet music played and firefly would you be my guide if i ever stay
Where the ocean meets the greenery i'll meet you in the highlands leave your boat at the bottom and climb the rocks and we can roam around the island and when we're ready to go, we'll both set off i'll come dressed for the weather and i'll bring some extra clothes for you and if we get cold we'll squeeze together i'll sing a song you could fall asleep to you bring a really good story to read and we'll take turns saying it aloud when we reach the climax we'll both be intrigued and when it is over we'll both come down i usually feel empty when a good book is through but i don't feel empty if i'm with you we'll talk about the plot and i'll tell you what i thought and this will end between us when it is time to we'll both start the fires and we'll both keep 'em going the wind will blow up to our cliffs so high and i would like to listen while you play a woodwind instrument and it's okay if you make me cry off in the distance big ships and little boats in the swell of the waves off the coast they watch for sea monsters, they rock upon the waters and watch for the light to guide 'em home people will tell you it's a far-fetched dream and it is best if you just stay away from me what if i told them i would give you anything real as well as make believe this is my daydream and i'm sharing it with you 'cause it is lovely and you are too and if you want to meet me where the ocean meets the greenery i'll go there and wait for you
Us This Day 03:25
Us this day give us this day, our daily baked good or whatever it is that makes us feel good if you kneel to pray on slats on wood and i walk streets at break of day to see what i could is this not the same, so long as we all worship as we should give me the earth and all of her daughters and you can have yours, your son and his father i'll worship my idols, you burn candles at your altar and we'll all get along just like our gods wanted give me some wine, sure, but i'll take mine chilled and i'll try not to get too drunk, on your hymn books spill i'll sing your songs for the harmony and the thrill this building with its organ and this congregation's will lilting voices and the rafters that they fill give us this day and pray if you want to to each our own way that is all that i want from you give me the peace that you have been dying to have and i will give you respect and i will expect it back
Do More 03:00
Do more smoke less and do more drink less, go dancing for a longer time you doubt lots but what for so you have more excuses than you could already find eat 'till you are too full and then you are too tired you do have a very strong will but the engine never gets fired won't you turn it on won't you keep it coming won't you fire it up keep it running think more than you do gaze out windows, guess what people are up to do they have more meetings than you you could find meaning outside of the pursuit and the image that you've been living in and the lists you don't cross off they're not here now, they're limiting why don't you give it up won't you turn it on...


Sophomore records are scary. This came together over months worth of feelings.


released June 17, 2008

Produced by Tanya Davis
Recorded by Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Audio in Halifax, NS
Mixed by Graeme Campbell
Mastered by J.LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Tanya - guitars, bass, air organ, words
Don Brownrigg - piano, glock, accordian, backing vocals
Kris Pope - electric guitar, lap steel, backing vocals
Jason Burns - drums and percussion, electronics
Benn Ross - Drums and percussion, backing vocals
Sean MacGillvary - synth, electric double bass
Daniel Ledwell - keys
Charles Austin - electric guitar, bass
David Myles - trumpet
Lukas Pearse - double bass
Zac Crouse - bass, backing vocals
Catherine MacLellan - backing vocals
Jenn Grant - backing vocals
Pamela McGinnis - backing vocals
Dave Scholten - backing vocals
Dave Ewenson - backing vocals


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Tanya Davis Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

Tanya Davis is a writer and artist living on Epekwitk / Prince Edward Island. She writes poems, songs, monologues, speeches, and other things.

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