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Questions and Dancers

by Tanya Davis

Whose Book 03:44
Whose rule book you gonna read, when you going to look? And whose knowing looks did you believe, no matter what they took? Whose.. Whose trusted counsel do you use when it's all unraveled? And whose handshake gentle do you fuse with your own soul's tendrils? And whose holy book causes you to tremble, tremble, tremble? And whose world have you shook, on the grasses by the temple you caused them to tremble Whose.. Whose words and phrases do you hear when chaos is reigning? And whose thoughtful questions do you entertain and how do you answer them? Is it with all of the honesty you have; is it with some of the honesty you have Is it with some of the honest you have; is it with all of the honest you have Who you want at your table, in your corner, to share the joy there? And who listens to your stories, to your sorrows, to your heartbeats? Answer this with all of the honest you have; it deserves all of the honesty you have.
Dancer 04:09
Dancer when all of the people and all of the rhythm come together to make space on the dance floor so we can dance towards each other you're a force that I want to join forces with to see how our limbs and our dance moves fit what I found was the rhythm we fell in was easy and strong what I found was the curve of your neck led to your collarbone what I found was your hand on my hip, gripped me firm like it belonged and oh, how the cage for your ribs felt beneath my palm oh, hands in the air oh, dancer's flair oh, your posture, your hair how you moved me, how we moved there and then in your bedroom with all of our clothes left on and then when we fell into place with the daylight on and then all the looks on your face - beguiling and wild and coy you play your eyes meet mine and my being quakes let's take another dance floor, more bass and more animal let's shake like we're made for, let's take down the mantle let's spin and let's see what we're in for; i'll take the dark if you're the candle let sparks fly, let arms tangle let sparks fly...


I've been writing some songs and wanted to put a couple out into the world. Fly away, songs.
Recorded in December 2012 at Benn's house in Halifax.


released December 31, 2012

Produced and Recorded by: Benn Ross
Additional mixing/mastering by: John Parker

Tanya: guitar, words, vocals
Benn: drums, synth stuff
Serge Sampson: bass
Matt Myer: organ, trumpet
Stewart Legere: backing vox on
Rose Cousins: backing vox


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Tanya Davis Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

Tanya Davis is a writer and artist living on Epekwitk / Prince Edward Island. She writes poems, songs, monologues, speeches, and other things.

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