I wrote the words to this in consultation with Andrea Dorfman, to be placed throughout the film.
The music is a collaboration with Charles Austin.


Oh, heart
beating calmly in your cage
where nothing can upset you, rouse your pace
and the steady rhythm
says you're steady livin'
staying safe,
but if you're tame, like a kept beast
how voracious can your heart beat?

One day, life startles you awake
rattles you, unsettles you
tempts you from your cage
will you look, then, bravely, to the door
even though afraid, would you make a move towards it?
life is knocking
come on out, it's calling you forward

You will strength to come but weakness comes before it
do you seek aid and counsel then, reaching for a cure?
doctors do as doctors do
what malaise would they construe
only you can know for sure
besides, definitions do not make for truer living and easy times
hearts need to work, like any muscle,
else they run the risk of flatline

As beats go by, after reaching past the ceiling of your safety once defined
after embracing new views to woo truth from new sides
after crashing from feelings that moved you to wide eyes
what are you going to do?
how will you decide?
there is comfort in security that comes with steady rhythm
once there is uncertainty there comes riskier living
will you return to safety or make no decision
doing nothing is easy
or is it?

Now that you are beating fierce and energetic
and the feelings flow freely, and the colours more vivid
life will give you meaning, the more sincere you live it
and the rythym, ever-changing, will cradle you within in.


from Fervour: Songs from Heartbeat, the movie, released August 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Tanya Davis Montreal, Québec

Tanya Davis is a poet writer artist type living in Montréal. She puts words at the centre of her work, be it music or performance, and is ever exploring new artistic ideas and projects. She writes monologue and theatre, takes commissions, and gives poetic speeches sometimes, too. She is currently studying french, teaching herself the drums, and writing a book about union. ... more

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