This became a country song, though that wasn't what I intended when I wrote it. Still, it's good to get some honky tonk piano in my repertoire.
Don Brownrigg sang it for the film 'Heartbeat'


you said would you write a story about me
what're you gonna tell them, what're you gonna say
i said, baby i would write a novel probably
i have that many words, you did that many things to me

how do i organize such a feat
just put my pen down, start writing
you been in my head now so much for so long
i could tell a happy story, i'm gonna sing some sad songs

you are a muse, i am the person who muses
you're a tale worth telling, i'm the person to use it
you were my love, you held my heart up, you fueled it
now i'm just a writer again to be fueled on my own

i have written stories for ya before
but i was hesitant to end 'em then as i have been hesitant to admit this is over
i will write more
did you know i picked my pen back up, remembered what i was here for

how is it that in that love with my heart so happy my words dried up
couldn't i have had both of us
you gave me a lot but i gave me a little, i relied on you, you the bow to my fiddle
still my strings they did not sing that much

you were a beacon and i was a ship seeking shoreline
and i made it safely thanks to the safety of your light
but just like a seaman, i had to be leaving your side
and like every lighthouse should, you still shine
and like every writer would, i will still write


from Fervour: Songs from Heartbeat, the movie, released August 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Tanya Davis Montreal, Québec

Tanya Davis is a poet writer artist type living in Montréal. She puts words at the centre of her work, be it music or performance, and is ever exploring new artistic ideas and projects. She writes monologue and theatre, takes commissions, and gives poetic speeches sometimes, too. She is currently studying french, teaching herself the drums, and writing a book about union. ... more

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