Space I Stare Off Into

from by Tanya Davis



let it go let it go


the space i stare off into is having phantom pain
is calling for your face
but i don't want to put you there

i've saved long a spot for you but daydreams stand to change
so change can stand a chance
may i breathe its air

the dance we been dancing is fairly tired
unaware and uninspired
how did we get here

hands grab familiar holds and we hold old stories
so i coax you torwards me
for reasons no longer clear

if we stop here, like our season has changed
the leaves all fall, we also fade
what have we made, besides an ending
no baby, no legend

the plot we been following doesn't always go
how it's often told
whole stories dropped and closed

the thoughts we been honouring are on a roll
we are on a ride
forgoing hearts for minds

all this time, i been saving the space
saying the lines, got daydreams to chase
and your face has been my safety
our fear to change has been our baby
let's say we let go gently
i can love you, but you cannot save me


from Fervour: Songs from Heartbeat, the movie, released August 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Tanya Davis Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tanya Davis is a poet writer artist type living in Halifax, NS. She tends to put words at the centre of her work, be it music or performance, and is happy to be somewhat of a chameleon, ever exploring new artistic ideas and projects. She is currently learning how to make new sounds while writing new songs, poems, and theatrical shows. She takes commissions and gives poetic speeches sometime, too. ... more

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