Charles Austin, Graeme Campbell, Tanya Davis - Spiderwebs

from by Tanya Davis



A collaboration between myself, Charles Austin, and Graeme Campbell.


Silver strands in my hair
like linings that never made it to the sky
or else spiderwebs
and I was hoping to catch you
with a glint from either of them
without trying too hard
desperation is unattractive
and I don't want to repel you
I don't want to

My hands are fitful and timid
my limbs are limp, out of practice
under what conditions will I have my hands on your back
as you pin me down
and I hold you up
we make sounds that sound like love

Under the moon we will meet
Under the moon we will meet
our slick bodies, knowing beaks
and then, calmly, I will lay down my burden, my search for a mate
'cause once two loons meet so sealed is fate
never again a lonely day
a solo bird upon the lake

We will meet upon the plains, under bright sun
the grasses stained
our haunches muscled from walking the days
you will saunter softly
golden, messy mane
you will come close but holding a firm gaze
a wild play
drive me crazy
we shall pursue ourselves while the light gets hazy

I am neither lion nor loon
you can see this about me
but human love has so often tiptoed around me
even when I thought it had found me
besides, these metaphors don't fool
are we not also animals, too


from Fervour: Songs from Heartbeat, the movie, released August 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Tanya Davis Montreal, Québec

Tanya Davis is a poet writer artist type living in Montréal. She puts words at the centre of her work, be it music or performance, and is ever exploring new artistic ideas and projects. She writes monologue and theatre, takes commissions, and gives poetic speeches sometimes, too. She is currently studying french, teaching herself the drums, and writing a book about union. ... more

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